What is Gender?  Gender Roles?  Gender Identity?  Gender Expression? Are there different expectations for men and women?

The brand Always has been outspoken about their support of gender equality and the unfairness of gender stereotypes.  Their videos feature young folks discussing their experiences with unhealthy male and female gender stereotypes.  In this video, girls talk about what it means to break free of annoying stereotypes like "can't rescue" and "weak" ... as well as the expectations to be something they don't want to be ... like "perfect."

Gender expression is the way one expresses oneself through what they wear, how they act, and activities - like sports and hobbies.  It is usually when we don't fit 'neatly' in to these prescribed boxes when girls and boys are called names and bullied for standing out.  Do not make anyone in your life feel bad or ashamed about expressing themselves in ways that are comfortable to them, even if it's "out of the box."  Let's break free from these "boxes!"  Define what gender means to YOU and for YOU, not anyone else!  After all, wouldn't it be boring if we were all exactly alike?

For more info on definitions and terms like gender roles click here.

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