CONSENT: It's Simple as Tea!

CONSENT: Learn it, live by it! This is a great video about consent. Why do so many people struggle to understand sexual consent?!  There are emotions involved, for one. For another, communicating about sex is more complicated than communicating about, say, tea. But really, the question "Do you want to have sex?" is just like the question "Do you want a cup of tea?" Someone might want a cup of tea and then change their mind, or they might not be able to answer your question clearly - you wouldn't force them to drink tea, just like you shouldn't pressure or force someone to have sex.

It's really that simple. If you ever wonder what consent is or isn't, or find yourself in a scenario where you are wondering what is and isn't appropriate - think about a cup of tea and if you'd be upset if someone didn't want tea, or wasn't sure if they wanted tea...


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