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Tap out dating violence.
Celebrate healthy relationships.


Let's talk about healthy love.

 Kelii holding open the Teen alert program booklet while two students look on.

Presentations & Workshops

TAP's educators provide presentations on healthy relationships and teen dating violence across the state of Hawai'i.

Our free workshops and curriculum are designed specifically for each group, and include group discussions, activities, videos, skits to incite  critical analysis and engage our youth about issues related to intimate partner violence. Check out the different presentations we offer and choose which one would work best for your class or community.

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 Student with glasses talking to Causha, the teen advocate. 

Advocacy Services

TAP's teen advocate works one-on-one with individuals ages 12-21 who are experiencing or have previously experienced teen dating violence (TDV).

Our advocate offers crisis support, safety planning, intimate partner violence education, court accompaniment, and referrals for legal and other support services in the community.

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 two individuals backs with their arms wrapped around each other staring at a bright and colorful mural on the wall.

Honest Conversations

Fostering conversations that are open, honest, and safe is a main priority for us. Whether we're discussing healthy relationships, gender roles, consent, or how to be a supportive friend, we encourage youth to be honest with themselves and with those around them about what they want in a relationship.

We know that it's possible to have healthy relationships at any and every age. And we know that no one knows better whats happening at your school than you do, so we want to make sure that when we create the space for these conversations, we're doing so with the knowledge that you are the experts on your relationships.


 A group of youth walking in the pride parade, they are all waving at the camera, wearing tutus and jewels and tye-dye. 

Who and How You Date

We are a completely inclusive program, which means that we believe making sure that you feel empowered and safe to decide who and how you date. It also means that we are a resource for anyone and everyone who is experiencing violence in their relationship. This the foundation for what we do. 





Young love is real love.

Having a healthy relationship isn't always easy, but it's worth it. So lets talk about how we can practice and learn healthy relationship traits, so that you can help create a culture of healthy love on your school and campus.


Check out what students had to say when we asked

What do you wish you could tell people who don’t believe it’s possible to have healthy relationship at your age?