Bring us into your classroom or community group!


+ Presentations Offered:

TDV 101

In TDV 101, participants learn about the different types of abuse, warning signs, bystander awareness, healthy relationships, and advocacy / resources. May include additional topics upon request.

TDV 102 (Advanced Curricula)

For classes that have already completed lessons on TDV in class or with TAP808. TDV 102 is an advanced curriculum that discusses gender norms, media literacy, generational violence, and other issues related to TDV.


Talk Story allows youth to openly and safely discuss teen dating violence and healthy relationships. Facilitators prompt discussions and ask thought-provoking questions. Talk Story is intended for youth who have completed TDV 101.


Lunch rallies are an interactive opportunity for students to engage with TAP808. Students will play games, talk about healthy dating, win some TAP swag, and have fun! Lunch rallies are most successful when youth or school clubs help facilitate with TAP808. Rallies should be requested in conjunction with TAP808 presentations.


For educators, service providers, parents / guardians / caregivers

These presentations aim to enhance adults' understanding of TDV. Learn ways to further support youth through safety planning, working with the TAP808 Advocate, and challenging biases they may have about teen relationships.