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+ Presentations Offered:

TDV 101: An Introduction to Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships

TDV101 explores the dynamics of relationship harm, types of abuse, warning signs, healthy relationship traits, and how to help friends experiencing relationship harm. TDV101 typically includes 1 or 2 sessions presented during Health classes. Middle and high school curriculums offered. All participants receive a TAP808 Workbook.

UPstander Training

TAP808's UPstander Training is ideal for student leaders and Peer-Ed students. In addition to exploring the issue, students learn how bystanders can safely and constructively respond to TDV among their peers. This training requires at least 2 sessions. All participants receive a TAP808 Workbook and UPstander certificate.

Responding to TDV on Campus

While TAP808 Educators facilitate student training, the Teen Advocate and Program Manager can meet with school counselors, administrators, and/or student support staff to discuss best practices for responding to TDV and building collaborative interventions for their students.

Lunch Rallies

Lunch rallies are an interactive opportunity for students to engage with TAP808. Students will play games, talk about healthy dating, win some TAP808 swag, and have fun! Lunch rallies are most successful when youth or school clubs help facilitate with TAP808.

TalkStory Sessions

Talkstory sessions typically have fewer students (between 8-16 is ideal) and are less structured- they are designed to create more conversation and dialogue between TAP808 staff and students around social norms and dating violence. Talkstory sessions may be arts-based, media or pop culture themed, include creative writing, or be tailored to relevant course topics. Talkstory sessions can be one-time events or presented as a series.

Safety Training for Educators & School Personnel

TAP808 aims to raise the capacity for dating violence prevention, assessment, and response at schools and in local communities. Workshops can be tailored to accommodate school administrators, teachers, counselors, and safety and support staff. Participants will learn to identify the characteristics of teen dating violence, strategies for assessing and responding to youth at risk or experiencing TDV, and/or develop or improve policies to address TDV on campus. Workshops can be between 60 minutes to a full 8 hour day.

TDV101 for Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers

Parent workshops can be between 1 to 3 hours. During these presentations, TAP808 staff discusses the dynamics of teen dating violence, warning signs, the ideal way to react in order to assist and support their teens through unhealthy or abusive relationships, and safety planning with the teen survivor. These workshops are designed to ensure that when teens come forward, participants will feel competent in assistance to youth and maximize safety.