The Power Couple Recipe: (6 ingredients for the Ultimate Healthy Relationship)

Here at TAP, we talk a lot about unhealthy and abusive relationships. We help teens recognize “red flags” of abuse, but we also like to talk about what healthy relationships looks like, too! Below is a quick and to-the-point “recipe” that highlights the main ingredients to build your healthy relationship and ultimately reach “power couple” status. First though, you might be asking, what do I mean by “power couple”? These are couples, who, as individuals, are a force to begin with, and once together, not only build each other up, but their love can’t help but shine on all those around them. Think Jay-Z and Queen Bey, Obama and Michelle, Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl, and Makaha native/pro surfer Alessa Quizon and surfer boyfriend Caio Ibelli.

jay-z-beyonce-island (Nov'15 Blog) Beyonce and Jay-Z, Net

President Obama and Michelle (NOV'15 Blog)Barack & Michelle Obama,

Ruby Rose and Phoebe DahlRuby Rose and Phoebe Dahl,

Alessa Quizon and Caio Ibelli (Nov'15 Blog)Alessa Quizon and Caio Ibelli,

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Do I have to be rich and famous to be a power couple?” The short, simple, and truthful answer is: NO! On the real, I know many couples in my everyday life that are definitely at the power couple level.

Here’s a 6 ingredient recipe that highlights traits for a healthy relationship, so you and your bae can achieve that ultimate healthy dynamic duo.

Creation of a Power Couple:

1 pint Individually Awesome - To be a great couple you first need to start with some high quality ingredients, meaning, YOU! An amazing couple is created with two awesome individuals getting together. You both accept and love yourselves as individuals and have your own likes and dislikes, passions, and interests.

1 quart Self-Worth – Simply put, you don’t rely on each other to know you are fabulous! You are together because you want to be. You each have respect for yourselves and each other, and you both know what you need to be happy.

1lb Support – You’ve got your partner’s back and they’ve got yours. That means you both encourage each other to pursue your interests and ambitions, even if they aren’t the same. You both support each other improving as individuals and as a couple. You help highlight each other’s strengths and help support each other’s struggles.

2 tablespoons Balance – You both are equal partners in your relationship. You spend time with each other, but also make space for yourself to have time with your own friends, family, or by yourself. You both help with responsibilities in the relationship, so one partner isn’t always taking everything on by themselves. Decisions are made together, without one person making all of the decisions.

3  cups Communication – The space to speak and be heard. A lot of these ingredients can’t exist without communicating with your significant other. Talking about what you need and how you feel can build your relationship to another level. It can help you appreciate your different perspectives, build trust, and create safety and comfort. Communication means you both listen and truly hear what the other person needs and wants.

I gallon Friendship – A healthy relationship is based on many things, but one major part is actually liking your partner and enjoying their company. You may love someone, but you also want to like them. And let’s be honest, some of our favorite people are our friends who we can talk to, feel supported, be ourselves, and have FUN with. Your partner should also be your friend!

Final Result – A power couple with a light so bright that it shines on to all those that come across them! Your power couple vibes bring strength, encouragement, and love to not only you and your partner, but also to all those near and far!