Self-care and Staying Lit

What does your self-care look like? And what is to begin with? Well here's what I can tell you...

Self-care is all about giving your self the time you need to reflect and process the week. Processing can also tough for real!  When we give ourselves the time to process, and reflect we give ourselves permission to find  the things in life that bring us closer to ourselves.  Most of all self-care is about honoring our needs, and creativity.


Society, friends, and family are always asking us to fulfill needs. Whether it be in our relationship with our partner, family, and close friends we are always playing the game of whose needs are getting met?  For most of us, in between family, school and societal expectations things can get a bit craazy So then how do you manage everyone's needs' and your own? How can we give ourselves permission to be alone and learn more about who we are?

First thing I like to do is give myself time even if only for ten minutes to check with myself. I have found that sometimes it's some of the most basic needs that I haven't even noticed. Check out Eponis and ask yourself some of these questions when you check in with yourself.

When we give ourselves the time we need to be with ourselves,  we learn to love others better too!

Here are some simple tips to practice self care:

  • Affirmations? Remind yourself of things that you are working towards... What matters and how are you going to get there?
  • Visualize what you hope to make out of your day. It that simple!
  • Hang out with friends who are committed to your success and who have your back (  Nobody has time to kick it with frenemies)
  • Process your own feelings first! Remember that fight you had with your partner? Well who are YOU feeling? What are still holding onto? Maybe its time to let it go?
  • Put your time into your art, reading, and recommit to doing the things in life that bring YOU true happiness.
  • Do the simple things... get some rest and drink plenty water. Making sure you care for your body can sometimes be the hardest part to forgot.
  • Ask your partner for some time away to see friends that maybe you haven't seen in a while? Make time for all your relationships and especially those that have had your back since day one.
  • Exercise... I know what you're thinking?! But really though... pick something that you enjoy.

Self-care is different for everyone but one thing we can all do is start to explore what we want ours to look like. I'll leave with you this playlist that helps me when I need some downtime. This is what I listen to when I daydream...

Most of all keep your fire lit no matter how you do it!