Louder Together!!!!


The NO MORE! Campaign is a powerful movement happening all over the country. The purpose of NO MORE is to bring national awareness to domestic or dating violence and sexual assault.


NO MORE! Started in 2013, and has grown significantly ever since. In Hawaii, the organizations that are in allyship with NO MORE are Ala Kuola Family Law Clinic, BRAVE HEART Hawaii, Earth Patriot Productions LLC, Joyful Heart Foundation Hawaii, University of Hawaii at Hilo, and Women Helping Women. These organizations, as well as the Teen Alert Program, are committed to saying NO MORE!

NO MORE violence; NO MORE standing on the sidelines; NO MORE “he should’ve known better getting with her” or “It doesn’t happen to boys”; NO MORE “Why don’t you just leave him already?”; and NO MORE “But they’re both girls!”

Hawaii Says NO MORE is a campaign (https://hawaiisaysnomore.org/) that  speaks directly to us here in Hawaii. Hawaii Says NO MORE is a local initiative that attempts to “challenge the mindset and behaviors that lead to this violence in Hawaiʻi.” Using the nationally known NO MORE symbol allows Hawaii Says NO MORE to have a national conversation on a local level. Here in Hawai’i, many of the issues with relationship violence are the same as everywhere; but we all know that sometimes, there are challenges experienced in Hawaii, that are different from other places. Hawaii Says NO MORE is an effort to take a look at the local conversations happening around relationship violence, and apply local resources to them.

As stated on their website: “Our values as a community reflect aloha (love, affection, kindness), pono (goodness, respect, equity) and ʻohana (family, connections). Violence does not reflect these values and Hawaiʻi Says NO MORE.)”.

This week, March 5th to 11th, is NO MORE week, and the theme this year is Louder Together!!!

So, join us in saying NO MORE! Because we know that we are Louder Together!