A "Gender-Based" Crime

85-95% of dating and domestic violence victims are women

This is what we call a GENDER BASED CRIME.

When one gender is overwhelmingly represented as the victim of abuse, we must question why the rates are skewed in such a way. Does our society teach one gender to be more violent than the other? Are women naturally less violent than men, and therefore destined to become victims of abuse?

Growing up, males are taught to be controlling, aggressive, competitive, and dominate. Parents, friends, and other role models may pressure young boys into fitting this very specific model of behavior. The media also portrays men in a biased way, constantly showing men fighting- as soldiers, in sports, or for entertainment. Rarely are men seen as nurturing, empathetic, or caring. Those that do act this way are often called called "not a real man."

Females are also taught models for behavior, known as gender roles. For example, some girls are taught to be submissive, polite and caring, with a focus on family and domestic qualities (like cooking, cleaning, and laundry). Likewise, some girls are taught to be competitive, dominant and aggressive. This may earn them the title of being a "tomboy."

These gender roles or stereotypes reinforce the idea that each gender is expected to act a specific way. From an early age, we are taught that men and women are not seen as equals. Any modification to this behavior is seen as "out of the box," and often discouraged.

These gender inequalities reinforce a system of patriarchy, which places men at the top with women and children considered as less important or valued. This continued subjugation and oppression of women throughout history has led to the disproportionate rates of domestic violence seen today.