Warning Signs of TDV

If you start noticing some warning signs of abuse make sure to act on your gut. These warning signs might include:

·      Lower self-esteem / depressed

·      Drastically changing their appearance / behavior

·      Stops hanging out with friends / family

·      Blames themselves for the abuse

·      Change in social media presence

·      Attached to phone when not around partner; afraid to miss a text / call

·      Paranoid

·      Sensitive to touch

·      Heavy makeup / long clothing to cover up

·      Makes excuses for dating partner

·      Slacking in responsibilities (school, job, etc.)

·      Says they can't talk / hang out with certain people because of their partner

There could be more warning signs; you have more understanding of your friend and their relationship than I am writing this. Trust your gut. It’s more important to ensure that they are okay then to choose to never have that talk with them.

Dating violence warning signs.jpg
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