Meet the Team

A group of dynamic and creative educators and social justice advocates.

Causha Spellman

Keli'i Beyer


Causha has dedicated their life to working with youth all over the country. As the Teen Advocate, Causha will work with you one-on-one on your journey to safety. They are able to assist in many formal and not-so-formal methods towards that safety, from being just someone to confide in, to creating safety plans and accompanying you to court proceedings. 


In addition to TAP808, Keli’i teaches art and writing classes to teens around Hawai’i. In his free time, he jams the saxophone in local ska band Black Square, enjoys riding his motorcycle and skateboard, and can be found doodling cartoons and being a political activist. Someday, Keli’i hopes to be a published sci-fi novelist and comic book artist.

Mary Frances Canta

Lydia Grasso


Mary Frances also works at a yoga studio and has a really nice apartment that has a pool which is cool. I wish I had a pool. She also has at least two sisters who have children. Her husband is local and her best roommate ever was Brian.


Lydia recently graduated from UMass Boston with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Human Rights. She has a deep passion for challenging gender norms and addressing systemic inequality and is real excited to have the chance to inspire our youth to cultivate healthy relationships. In her spare time, she  enjoys doing calligraphy and going on hikes all over the island.