So you want to talk to your dating partner about boundaries, but how do you bring it up without making it weird? We've come up with some conversation starters you can use with your dating partner. Use them whatever feels most comfortable.
Most importantly, be confident and willing to listen.



  1. Talk face to face - so much can be misinterpreted over text. If it helps, make a list of what you want to say 
  2. Find the right time - try to talk when neither are angry, distracted, 

  3. Check your language - be honest, but make sure you're not attacking your partner. Focus on using "I" or "we" statements, instead of "you"

  4. Check your body - show your partner your really invested by giving them your full attention

If you don’t feel safe having these conversations with your partner, take precautions to ensure your safety such as meeting in a public place & letting someone know where you are. 

  • What are your physical boundaries? Digital boundaries?
  • What can I do to make you feel comfortable and safe?
  • How would you like me to let you know if something you did hurt or frustrated me?
  • What makes you feel loved and respected?
  • How do you feel like we can work on our relationship?
  • Is there anything you would like to change about our relationship?
  • Have you ever felt hurt or disrespected by me?
  • How would you define our relationship?


These may seem unnatural, so get the conversation going whatever way feels most comfortable! Trust us, it won’t always feel strange.


Don't forget, be confident and willing to listen!