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Being a Good Friend: How to Be a Positive UPstander

Being a Good Friend helps students learn positive communication skills as an UPstander- a friend who safely gets involved and helps those in abusive relationships! Students will learn the dos and don’ts in helping a friend, whether that friend is the victim or the abuser in the relationship.

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Dating 101: How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Dating 101 educates students on recognizing different types of abuse & warning signs, identifying healthy/unhealthy relationship traits, and applying these concepts to their own relationships in the present and future.

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Becoming Aware & STAYING  WOKE: Dating Violence & the Media 

Becoming Aware discusses the role of the media in reinforcing gender norms and normalizing violence in dating relationships. Students will learn to become “media literate” and analyze media messages in order to stay aware, embrace their self-worth, and keep relationships healthy.

Communicating with YOUTH: Service Provider Training

Communicating with Youth is an opportunity for service providers to learn how to identify abuse and warning signs in their own students/clients.