Why We’re Talking About Stranger Things and You Should Too

You may have heard about this show, Stranger Things, recently and you might be wondering what it’s about or why everyone is obsessed with it. Well, here at TAP808, we are also obsessed with it, and not just because it’s a thrilling story but because of the good and sometimes not so good examples of relationships illustrated in the show.

So, this month, TAP808, is using Stranger Things as a vehicle to discussing topics like healthy relationships, masculinity, romance, and friendships. We will be using all of our social media platforms to market towards all of our audiences: Instagram for teens, Facebook for adults and Pinterest for teachers. On Instagram, we are running a contest (for more information on the contest; check out https://www.tap808.org/ways-to-get-involved), polls, and content all through the lens of stranger things to educate and prevent Teen Dating Violence. On Facebook, we will be using media from Stranger Things to discuss topics like healthy parenting, talking to kids about dating and relationships, and friendships. On Pinterest, we will be sharing ideas and content for using Stranger Things as a tool to teach students about all the topics listed above. And honestly, what better time to do this then back to school season?

A little background about the show: Stranger Things first came out in October of 2016 and since then there has been three seasons, most recently the third seasons premiered on July 4th, which is the centerpiece for this campaign. If you haven’t seen the show, we highly suggest you watch it for many reasons; one being that this is possibly the best show ever made, two is that you can discuss it with your teens and three so that you can participate in this awesome content over the next month!