The Importance of Friendships

Today’s throwback Thursday will focus on FRIENDSHIPS.

What memories do you have about being a good friend? In what ways have you supported, or been supported by a friend? What tips or suggestions do you have for those wanting to secure healthy friendships?

I remember:

+ Supporting friends when their dating relationships fell apart

+ Staying humble in my interactions with others, and keeping ego in check

+ Being willing to put in the time to foster my friendships, even during the difficult times

+ Calling out friends for saying rude or inappropriate things, even if they were unwilling to listen


 As a parent, being involved in your children’s, especially teens, friendship is very important. At this age, friends can be good or bad role models. By being involved and knowledgeable about your teen’s friendships, you are more likely to know what your teen is up to. Also, you will inevitably be more involved in your child’s life.

Talking about Healthy Friendships and teaching your teen how to be good friends is also as important as being involved in their friendships. Continuing on this month’s theme, Stranger Things, there are great examples of friendships. See below:

Steve and Robin

Steve and Robin embody a friendship full of support, love, and acceptance. In the scene above, Robin came out to Steve and Steve accepted her identity and being turned down. This not only shows the great example of how to be a great guy, but also how to be an amazing friend. Talk to your teens about being accepting to their friends, no matter their identity. In the end of the season, Robin advocates for Steve to get a job at the movie store. This is another great example of having your friend’s back.

Max and El

Max and El’s relationship is a great example of support and promoting growth in each other. Max is there for El during a rough patch of her relationship by reminding her what she deserves. In the scene above, Max takes El on a shopping trip to get her mind off of it.

Alexei and Murray

This duo shows us the most growth in a relationship over time and how two people from wildly different backgrounds became such great friends.

Hopefully these examples and insight help you, as a parent, bond and teach your children about healthy friendships because friendships are some of the best relationships we can make.

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