All teen relationships should be healthy

Healthy relationships are those in which all individuals are treated as equals, with respect, trust, loyalty, and more. When a relationship is healthy, there is not one person making all the decisions or being controlling, but a mutually beneficial situation in which all voices are heard, responsibility is shared, and decisions are made together.

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Everyone warns you about red flags in a relationship, but I want to hear about the green flags.

Relationships are healthy when…

  • Respect each other as equal partners in the relationship

  • Show feelings of love and affection in a consensual way

  • Work on building and maintaining trust and loyalty

  • Spend time with friends, family, and oneself

  • Give space (physical and technological)

  • Support each other's choices and goals

  • Communicate openly and honestly

  • Have fun and enjoy time together

  • Apologize when appropriate

  • Act in a pono way