You deserve a relationship that is healthy and safe

Whether you're sure if what you're experiencing is abuse or not, TAP is here for you in whatever capacity you need. Reaching out for help isn't always easy, but we want you to know that, with support, you can ensure your safety, both physically and emotionally, as you navigate through this time.


TAP is always here for you in whatever capacity you need. Whether you're ready to leave the relationship or just have some questions you want answered, send us an email or shoot us a dm and we'll ride the wave together.


Call/Text : 808-927-2434


What is a safety plan?

It's a plan that is personalized and practical so that you can avoid dangerous situations and know how to respond if you find yourself in one.

Before you leave

  • As much as possible, keep evidence of all abuse, such as pictures, texts, emails, etc.
  • If you can, keep a journal of incidences of abuse, including dates and specifics
  • Know where you will go to get help and let someone who you trust know what is happening
  • Try to sey aside money or ask friends or family to hold on to it for you
  • If your abuser has control of important documents, when it's safe, try to get them and place them somewhere safe

When you leave

  • Make a plan for how and where your will escape quickly
  • Here is a list of things you may need to bring with you, depending on your specific situation
    • Driver's license
    • Social security cards and birth certificate
    • Immigration papers/green card/visa
    • Passport
    • Protective order
    • Important phone numbers
    • Medications

After you leave

  • Change your locks, phone numbers, and passwords
  • Make sure your social media is private
  • Let your school know about the situation
  • Keep a copy or a photo of the protective oder with you

Emotionally safety planning

Physical safety is crucial but it's also important to remember your emotional safety too. This ultimately means that you take your feelings and emotions into consideration when dealing with everything.

For help making a safety plan, contact our teen advocate here

Calling the police

  • Sometimes when things are really intense, calling the police is a safe option, especially if you're in immediate danger, the abusive partner has violated the protectice order, or if you've been injured or hurt by them.
  • Make sure to show the police your protective order and have them help you to document the abuse.
  • Be sure to make note of their badge number and name and insist they file a police report.
  • The next day, call the police department to get the name and number of the officer who will be dealing with your case.

Restraining Order or Protective Order

  • This is a legal document that makes it a crime for your abusive partner to make any contact with you, whether physical, digital, or other.
  • In our state of Hawai'i, individuals under the age of 18 are not able to file for a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) without the consent of their parents


National Resources

  • National Dating Abuse Hotline - Text LOVEIS TO 22522

  • National Sexual Assault Helpline - 800-656-4673

  • Trevor Helpline - call 1-800-4U-TREVOR (488-7836) or Text "Trevor" to 1-202-305-1200

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Teen Line - Text TEEN to 839-863

State/Island Wide Resources

  • Crisis Text Line - Text ALOHA to 741-741
  • TAP808 Instagram - DM @Teen Alert Program
  • Hawaii Youth Services Directory -
  • Hawaii State DV Hotline - 808-266-SAFE
  • Teen Link Hawai’i - *
  • Sex Abuse Treatment Center - 808-524-7273

O'ahu Resources

  • DVAC Helpline - 808- 531-3771

  • Parents and Children Together -808- 526-2200

  • Lavender Clinic - 808-445-5392

  • Child and Family Services - 808-841-0822

Big Island Resources

West Hawai’i Island

  • Lokahi Treatment Centers - 808-331-1175

  • Child & Family Service - 808-322-7233

East Hawai’i Island

  • Lokahi Treatment Centers - 808-969-9292

  • Child & Family Service - 808-959-8864

Maui Resources

  • Child & Family Services - 808- 877-9888

  • Parents and Children Together - 808-244-2330

  • Women Helping Women - 808-579-9581

Lanai Resources

  • Women Helping Women - 808-563-0216

  • Parents and Children Together - 808-565-9191

Kauai Resources

  • YWCA - 808- 245-8404

  • Parents and Children Together - 808-821-0574

Molokai Resource

  • Community Service Council - Alternative to Violence Program - 808-553-3244

  • Moloka'i Community Health Center - 808-553-5038