Artist's Note

By Keli'i Beyer

The blog comic serves as a way to delve deeper into the reality of being in an abusive relationship. Of course, not all relationships will include the types of abuse Bill has inflicted upon Amber (mental, emotional, cyber and physical); but too many do, and sometimes it can be hard to recognize those signs. I wanted to highlight some of the subtleties of this abuse through a comic narrative. It follows the progression of their relationship from the honeymoon period (where they have a healthy relationship), to the first warning signs of abuse (jealousy, isolation, condescension), into physical abuse (breaking her phone, restraint, intimidation and hitting). In future comics, the blog comic seeks to raise awareness to the impact of normalized violence, gender roles and why people become abusive over time. It will also highlight some ways a friend can offer support, as well as how programs like TAP808 can offer case management and intervention services.


By Keli'i Beyer

A flashback into the beginning stages of Bill and Amber’s relationship, when things were fun and carefree, quickly transforms into Bill’s need for power and control over Amber. He controls where she goes, how long she can spend away from him, and even gets mad when she doesn’t text back instantly. Amber’s friends are finally fed up with the abuse, and reach out for support from the school counselor. He gives Amber’s friends a resource for getting safe, but Amber throws away the brochure out of fear that Bill might see it and further retaliate. By now, most people know the relationship is abusive and want to offer support to Amber.

What could you do to support her safety? 


By Keli'i Beyer

As time goes on, friends have begun to ask questions about Amber and Bill’s relationship. They’ve noticed she’s never around, and have begun to see the physical signs of abuse.

Even Bill’s friends are starting to talk about his inappropriate and abusive tendencies. Bill doesn’t hide his abuse anymore, as he becomes more visibly physical and verbally abusive with Amber.

What would you do if Amber was your friend? What if Bill was your friend, would you say or do anything?


By Keli'i Beyer

The honeymoon period is over, and Bill has begun to isolate Amber from her friends and family. He has begun to control who she can text and who is allowed to be friends with her on social media. He even beat up a boy at school for talking to Amber! As a friend, would you be able to recognize that this relationship has taken a turn for the worse?


By Keli'i Beyer

Bill and Amber began dating and things moved quick. During the honeymoon period, Bill bought her flowers and gifts, took Amber on dates to special places, and treated her with love and affection. Some of his behaviors could be seen as a bit over-the-top, although these red flags of possessiveness could easily be overlooked. Can you spot the warning signs that this relationship could turn unhealthy?