Do you trust me?


Trust is the basis of almost every relationship. Just because trust is important though, doesn't mean it's always easy to establish. Trusting someone is a decision you get to make, not necessarily a feeling that happens to you. It's not just about resolving conflict either, trust helps to not focus on the "risks" of getting close to someone (which can be a scary idea) and allows for a more secure and fufilling relationship. Below are some ways that you can build, maintain, and repair trust with your dating partner.


Just started dating

So you just started dating

Maybe you're coming out of a rough break up. Maybe this is your first relationship. Whatever it is, the start of a relationship is the perfect time to start working on building trust with your new partner.

ways to build trust

  • Confide in them - if you're open with them they're more likely to be open with you.
  • Don't judge them - when they open up about something personal, be sure to be empathetic and comfort them. Make sure they know you're a safe space.
  • Keep your promises
  • Be honest and tell the truth

long term couple

Yall been together for a while huh.

The longer you are with someone, naturally, the more there is a potential for things to go wrong or for you to feel like things are going wrong which is why maintaining trust needs to be an active, ongoing process. Here are some ways to maintain trust.

Maintaining trust

  • Open, honest, and healthy communication 
  • When you do have concerns within the relationship, being sure to bring them up in a non-accusatory way. Use I statements , like "I feel..." or "I think".
  • Understanding that intimacy isn't just physical, and trusting that the validity of the relationship isn't dependent on physical intimacy. Intimacy is so much more than having sex.
  • Trust cannot be maintained without ongoing and enthusiastic consent

your trust has been broken


being lied to sucks