All About the Money, Honey $

Did you hear the news?! The U.S. Treasury has announced that Beyoncé is going to be on the new $10 bill!

beyonce_bill_full2 Okay, okay... I’m juuuustttt kiddingggg. But in all seriousness, this summer, the U.S. Treasury officially announced that the nation’s $10 bill will be going through a makeover… and the new bill will feature…. *a drum roll, please*… A female!

This is pretty big news. In the United States, only two females have EVER appeared on our paper currency, including Pocahontas in the 1860’s and Martha Washington in 1886 and 1896. That’s over 115 years ago. I think it’s a little overdue, if I do say so myself.

Equal gender representation on our nation’s currency matters. The portraits we see every day on our currency sends an important message about who, as a nation, we respect and value. It sends messages about who is important, who our leaders are, and, importantly- messages about who can and should earn and be responsible for money.

So, who would you like to see on the new $10 note? Use the hashtag #TheNew10 to share who YOU think should be the face on the new $10 bill. (Sorry, it can’t be Beyoncé. By law, the person has to already be dead). Specifically, the U.S. Treasury will select a historic and iconic woman recognized by the public (that’s YOU!) who was a champion for democracy in the U.S.

3 cheers for equality!