iPledgeSelfie Campaign


Join TAP and teens statewide in a pledge to stop the violence! Take your pledge today to never control or abuse a partner, or to never blame a victim of abuse (it’s never the victim’s fault!). Post your selfie on Instagram; tag @teenalertprogram, #TAP808, and #iPledgeSelfie; and help spread awareness about teen dating violence!

Here’s what you do!

1. Follow @teenalertprogram on Instagram
2. Choose an iPledge Campaign Statement and print it out (or write it on a piece of paper)
3. Take a selfie and post on Instagram using #iPledgeSelfie and #TAP808
4. Tag @teenalertprogram

If you don’t have Instagram, take a selfie and send to: teen@stoptheviolence.org and we’ll post it!

iPledge Statements

I Pledge to Never Control a Girlfriend/Boyfriend!
I Pledge to Never Abuse a Girlfriend/Girlfriend!
I Pledge to Never Blame a Victim of Abuse!


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